Shannonville Motorsports Park

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7047 Old Highway 2, Shannonville, ON   K0K 3A0
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Shannonville Motorsport Park is one of the world’s most versatile motorsport facilities. Its unique multi configuration layout offers advantages that can’t be found anywhere else. Built in 1974, it was designed for motorcycle racing. SMP now welcomes all motorsport disciplines.

Uniquely located approximately equidistant between Montreal and Toronto, it draws from the key markets in Eastern Canada and the USA. The facility includes a 4.03km multi-configurable racetrack, go-kart track, drag strip and skid pad on 146 acres. Shannonville hosts over twenty spectator events every season and can accommodate thousands of spectators with three grandstands overlooking the complete property.

Shannonville Motorsport Park is known as the Birthplace of Champions. It has a long and rich history in Canadian motorsport. Many competitors have honed their skills at Shannonville and have gone on to become champions on the world motorsport stage.

The raceway first started off as a dirt oval, with bedrock for a front straight. Much later, the 1.8 km “Nelson” circuit was built, named after the late John Nelson, owner of the circuit at the time. From there, the 2.23 km “Fabi” circuit was built north of the Nelson, and the two were linked to form the 4.03 km, 14-corner “Long Track”. The Fabi circuit was named after Bertrand Fabi, a young Canadian driver who died while testing a Formula 3 car in England. The Fabi circuit has a long backstraight that now doubles as a drag strip. A link was then made after the first corner on the Nelson circuit to the seventh corner of the Long Circuit, creating the 2.47 km “Pro Circuit” layout.

Full Circuit

Length: 4.03 km
Turns: 14

Pro Circuit

Length: 2.47 km
Turns: 9

Nelson Circuit

Length: 1.80 km
Turns: 9

Fabi Circuit

Length: 2.23 km
Turns: 9

Note that the Nelson and Fabi Circuits can be — and generally are — used simultaneously.


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